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Welcome to Envirogard

Introduction To Envirogard

Looking for decontamination units in Kent for hire throughout the entire UK? If your in need of equipment to help you with waste management, decontamination or many other waste and pollution needs then here at Envirogard, we have the equipment for you.

As a specialist hire firm in Kent we are able to provide our equipment for hire throughout hen entire UK, from Scotland to Cornwall. We are a highly experienced firm and are able to provide you our services at highly affordable prices.

Our Services And Equipment

Offering waste management equipment in Kent we are able to provide our services to commercial contractors for waste management, remediation of contaminated land, pollution control and prevention, tank purging and cleansing, demolition and recycling and asbestos removal.

Providing a flexible and discreet service, we are able to offer the hire of decontamination units including:

  • Showers, Decontamination Facilities, and Welfare Units
  • Site Services / Ancillary Equipment
  • Ventilation, Fume & Dust Control Equipment
  • Specialist Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

Why Choose Us?

The decontamination units in Kent we offer for hire are of the highest quality, fully safety check and maintained. We offer our equipment for hire on long term and short term basis and provide you with affordable solutions to many of your needs.

Get In Touch

For decontamination showers in Kent and for more information on the services we can provide to your company please contact us today on 0845 263 5513 (Local Rate). Alternatively, visit our second website for more information or email us via the form on our contact page.